Bouble di Vetro, Bottiglia d'Acqua Con Tè Filtro da Tè di Separazione dell'Acqua in Bottiglie di Vetro Creative Spin Splitter Tenuta 300ml Bottiglia 200ml

€13.11 €21.86

Informazioni sul prodotto:

1.Colore: Nero, Rosa, Caffè, Blu

2.Capacità: 300 ml, 200 ml

3.Dimensioni(circa): 7 cm x 23 cm / 7 cm x 17cm

4. Materiale: Alto vetro borosilicato + 304 acciaio Inossidabile+commestibile PP

Imballato includono:

1* Vetro, Tè

Tags: girare la bottiglia, cucina aperta, blu di frutta infusore bottiglia di acqua, 450ml di acqua in bottiglia, ferrofluido, vetro oneisall, flacone vuoto oneisall, canna dell'acqua, oneisall doppio, il sapore della bottiglia di acqua.


  • Forma: Con Tea Infuser
  • Capacità: 300ML
  • Marca: ONEISALL
  • Dispongono di 2: Tenuta
  • Certificazione: SGS
  • Stile: Breve
  • Numero Di Modello: GYBL2052
  • Drinkware Tipo: Bottiglie Di Acqua
  • Caratteristica 1: BPA Free
  • colore: Rosa, Blu, Caffè, Nero
  • La Bocca Della Bottiglia: GIRO
  • Materiale: Alta borosilicato vetro + acciaio inox 304 + PP
  • Origine: CN(Origine)
  • Attività All'Aperto: Auto-guida di Viaggio
  • L'Acqua Che Scorre Metodo: Diretta Bere
  • Dimensioni: 7*23cm / 7*17cm
  • Rivestimento Anti-corrosione: Dotato
  • Acqua Bollente: Applicabile
  • Tipo Di Alimentazione: In-Stock Articoli
  • Funzione: Fornito
  • Applicabile Persone: Adulti
  • Le Prestazioni Di Isolamento Termico: NESSUNO

I have other similar tea bottles but I wanted to try this one because it looked like the smaller chamber was also double-walled and might hold in heat better. The top chamber is odd...the sides appear to be double-walled but the bottom (top?) looks like it might be just one layer of very thick glass. It’ll be interesting to see if it keeps drinks hot longer than my other bottles. When all the pieces are screwed together it seems quite tall and skinny so I hope it won’t tip over easily. There is a mesh strainer disc to filter out tea leaves and also a twist mechanism to lock liquids in one chamber or the other. Perhaps the twist seal will prevent overbrewed tea if the bottle tips while traveling. The glass seems thick and strong (for glass, of course) but I would still be careful not to knock it over. The seller included a carrying bag as a gift. I’ve bought from this seller a few times and would buy from them again.
The box was wrapped in a few layers of pupyrki and nested in a box (which was quite crumpled and scared me). Inside everything was in perfect condition. Another bottle, with the pillows from the ends came in a crumpled box (from another seller). One gasket has a cavity (if to invest accordingly) as I think for the damping of the volume. At whom that explodes, think about the St.-ah air when heated and at least do not shake the bottle! Also when water transfusion, do not call about the vacuum (one idiot in the reviews appeared as a child was not interested in why in a canister with gasoline tube in the throat, dolls of the face Mazal?). From the mesh, the gasket is removed, it is convenient to wash. In general, green tea is brewed at 80 ° C, and this is a completely different song.